09.22.15 Update

New Shows Posted: 9/24 Tech9ine Special Effects 2.0 tour opening set by DJ D-Mil 7p AA Myth (Maplewood, MN)| 10/2 The Fantome Black Out with Belaire at Faces DJ D-Mil 10p 21+ Faces (Saint Paul, MN) | Nappy Roots Lost Travlers Tour w/ DJ D-Mil, Cartel TZ, Bobby Hatfield 18+ 9p 10/22 Bourbon (Lincoln, NE), 10/23 Povs (Spring Lake Park, MN) | 10/31 SP Style Annual Halloween Party "Nightmare at Doc's Landing" Doors 9p 21+ Docs Landing (Saint Paul, MN) | Available now at live mixtapes Moneysota Vol. 8 Mr. Peter Parker & DJ D-Mil hosted by Waka Flocka |

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Since 1995, SPStyle has been one of the standout production companies in the flourishing Midwest Hip-Hop scene. For this collective, Hip-Hop is a lifestyle that symbolizes individualism and opportunity in music. Responsible for promoting their recognized artists as well as developing fresh and innovative talent, SPStyle represents the past, present, and future of the Midwest's Hip-Hop community. While established performers soar under their prodigious wing, the underground looks to SPStyle for help in exploding into the scene. With numerous stars in their lineup and several critically acclaimed albums under their belt, SPStyle is determined to claim their spot on the mountaintop.




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